For your new Transom Curtains to perfectly fit your window,(curtains for window above door) please follow our simple measuring tips and guidelines.

There are only two basic ways to install your new curtians. Either INSIDE MOUNT (Spring-Rods/Tension Rods) or OUTSIDE MOUNT (Sash, Cafe-Sash, or Magnetic Rods).

With the INSIDE MOUNT METHOD, the SPRING RODS hold themselves in place by a spring inside 'pushing out' against the inside window sill (much like most shower curtain rods work) This method can only be used if you have at least 1/2 of an inch space between your window glass and the outer edge of your window molding. With the Spring Rod installation, the length of the curtain will be the exact same length as your window. These curtains have no header or 'ruffle' above the top rod or below the bottom rod. This is the method used in the transom curtain pictures we have on this web site.

With the OUTSIDE MOUNT METHOD, this is where you mount the Cafe-Sash Rods above the window 1-3 inches and another 1-3 inches below the window. So if your window is 11 inches tall(length), then you would choose a 13-16 inch(length) curtain.

OUR SIMPLE WAY TO ORDER: On each page, there are TWO BOXES to enter in WIDTH and LENGTH.

WIDTH BOX: SIMPLY PUT THE WIDTH OF YOUR WINDOW. THAT'S IT! We will do the math and make the curtains much wider so they will gather or be 'pushed together' and will look nice and full when on the rods. Generally 3 times as wide.


For INSIDE MOUNT (spring-rods), this will simply be the length of your glass. For OUTSIDE MOUNT (sash, cafe-sash, and magnetic rods), this will be the length of your glass plus 2-6 inches, depending on where you want to place your rods.

** If you already have your own rods in place, simply measure from the top of the top rod to the bottom of the bottom rod, and put this measurement in the LENGTH BOX ***

EXAMPLE: You measure your transom window and the measurements are: width is 62" X length of 11".

For SPRING RODS you will simply put 62" in the "width box" and 11" in the "length box".

For CAFE-SASH RODS you will simply put 62" in the "width box" and 13-16" in the "length box". (length plus 2-5")

*******If these instructions are still unclear to you, please DON'T hesitate to call our customer service line and we will be glad to walk you thru the measuring process. (Toll-Free)1-877-831-3300 (24 hours a day/7 days a week). We are here to serve you!*******

With either installation method, our enclosed instructions (mailed with each order) will make installing our sidelight curtains as easy as pie!

At the Transom Curtain Company, ALL curtain rods and hardware are included with each purchase....for your ease!

*** $3 discount per curtain if you already have your own rods ***